Guide Superstring Theory: 1 (Cambridge Monographs on Mathematical Physics)

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Cambridge Monographs on Mathematical Physics String Theory

Quantum Fields in Curved Space N. Quantum Gravity Carlo Rovelli. Superstring Theory 2 Volume Hardback Set: Advanced General Relativity John Stewart. Topological Solitons Nicholas Manton.

Palestra Especial: On Mathematical Aspects of String Theory

Introduction Volume 1 Michael B. Classical Solutions in Quantum Field Theory: Principles and Applications Joseph I. Quarks, Gluons and Lattices Michael Creutz.

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Quantum Field Theory in Curved Spacetime: Quantized Fields and Gravity Leonard Parker. Table of contents Volume I: A first look at strings; 2. Conformal field theory; 3. The Polyakov path integral; 4.

String Theory, Volume 1: An Introduction to the Bosonic String by Joseph Polchinski

The string spectrum; 5. The string S-matrix; 6. Tree level amplitudes; 7. One loop amplitudes; 8. Toroidal compactification and T-duality; 9. Higher order amplitudes; Appendix A.

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A short course on path integrals; References; Glossary; Index. Type I and type II superstrings; The heterototic string; Strings at strong coupling; Advanced conformal field theory; Advanced topics; Appendix B. Samenvatting String Theory comprises two volumes which give a comprehensive and pedagogic account of the subject.

Volume 1, first published in , provides a thorough introduction to the bosonic string. The first four chapters introduce the central ideas of string theory, the tools of conformal field theory and of the Polyakov path integral, and the covariant quantization of the string. The next three chapters treat string interactions: Chapter eight covers toroidal compactification and many important aspects of string physics, such as T-duality and D-branes.

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Chapter nine treats higher-order amplitudes, including an analysis of their finiteness and unitarity, and various nonperturbative ideas. An appendix giving a short course on path integral methods is included. This is an essential text and reference for graduate students and researchers interested in modern superstring theory. Toon meer Toon minder. Recensie s 'In summary, these volumes will provide Hirshfeld, General Relativity and Gravitation 'Polchinski is a major contributor to the exciting developments that have revolutionised our understanding of string theory during the past four years; he is also an exemplary teacher, as Steven Weinberg attests in his foreword.

He has produced an outstanding two-volume text, with numerous exercises accompanying each chapter. It is destined to become a classic The topics covered range from the basic construction of the theories to the most recent discoveries on their non-perturbative behaviour.

Cambridge Monographs on Mathematical Physics: String Theory 2 Volume Hardback Set

The discussion is remarkably self-contained the volume even contains a useful appendix on spinors and supersymmetry in several dimensions , and thus may serve as an introduction to the subject, and as an excellent reference for researchers in the field. Mathematical Reviews Polchinski's books are a classic textbook on string theory. And I recommend it to you if you want to start the study of string theory Presents some deep chapters, but overall a great book for any student interested in entering the world of string theory.

The book is consistent with the objective set out, well written for graduate students and probably one of the best textbooks on the market about string theory and shall remain so for a long time.


The book is consistent with the goal set in the early chapters, presents clear language with few errors and with a high degree of mathematical rigor. The book contains an excellent range of problems and an excellent glossary and the educational value of this book is incalculable.

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