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At no point in the book do they spend more than five minutes with each other doing anything more than getting hot and bothered. There's a little girl and a puppy. There is also a kidnapping actually two and drugging. The "hero" who doesn't touch a piano through the whole book ends up being a virtuoso even though missing a finger. Its a completely extraneous talent that has absolutely no bearing on the story whatsoever except to add an element of cheap romance by having him play "Moonlight Sonata" for the "heroine" at the end - oh please!

The maimed hand has nothing to do with the story either other than to add to the aforementioned angst. So - if you want to know what happens to the youngest brother - he has sex with a woman he thinks is a whore actually he commits a date rape on a drunk woman who, in true soap opera fashion, get really turned on by it.

He sends her away, five years later has had enough of being a spy in France and returns home to England, runs into the make believe whore who is now married to an old man who takes care of her and her child, blah, blah, blah and they live HEA. Another ick factor is that the old man is actually nice and kind through most of the book but toward the end the author makes him creepy I suppose so we won't feel bad when he dies so the main characters can be together. This is not a spoiler. You know the minute he is introduced in the story that he has to die for this whole mess to work.

If you really want to know what the blah, blah, blah is go ahead and get the book. For me, the emotional whining got so bad I just wanted to slap some sense into both of them and didn't particularly like either one by the end. Very disappointing after the previous book "One Unashamed Night" which was very good despite an awful title. Cristo's story went beyond expectations in some aspects, however I can't help but wishing some of the key characters story lines were more fleshed out. For instance, Cristo and Lucinda's bond was hinted at in book two, however we never have any real dialogue between these two siblings of close age.

And it was disappointing that the Wellington matriarch barely was mentioned and fleetingly referred to as "Alice" in light of her extraordinary role in Cristo's life. This was yet another significant and integral bond that was egregiously by passed. Also all previous books mention patriarch Wellington calling for his youngest son with his dying breath, but it is never addressed after all the effort in book 3 to paint him as uncaring of Cristo. Nice story line but the failure to delve into these three characters detracted from admiring the complexity of Cristo and the man he becomes and gives the story a decidedly shallow feel.

One person found this helpful. Mass Market Paperback Verified Purchase. Now it's time for youngest brother Cristo to find his true love. Even though Sophia James is a pretty good writer, that didn't make up for the hackneyed, overused plotlines running rampant in this book. Starting with the poor hero's angst and estrangement from his family because of issues between him and his late father, the book continues to pile on more and more old familiar storylines. I shouldn't list them because if you do plan to read the book, it might be entertaining to look for as many as you can and check them off as you read.

But I can't help myself. I just have to mention that "illicit night" of the title. Hero Cristo is in Paris, working undercover as a British spy. Eleanor, who's apparently a bit deficient in common sense, goes to his chateau where lots of debauchery goes on dressed as a blowzy prostitute. While waiting to be admitted to Cristo's rooms, she drinks enough brandy to get totally soused. Then she's stripped naked and taken up to his rooms, where Cristo is informed that she is a prostitute for his enjoyment, compliments of the French spy Cristo is spying on.

Now, Cristo hasn't had a woman for a few months and is totally turned on by her, they have sex, and he discovers she's a very drunk virgin.

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Oh, well, he thinks, in for a penny, in for a pound, and they enjoy each other a few more times. And it seems it's such a magical experience that their naughty bits bond for life. But they separate anyway, without her revealing her true identity and that's it for 5 years. Read the book to find out what happens or just take a trip down the memory lane of other HR books you've read in the past to fill in the blanks. Don't forget to include unfounded accusations of murder, miscommunication, blackmail, abductions, children, dogs, manipulative in-laws, and an I-can't-marry-you-because-you-haven't-said-you-love-me.

This book, on the other hand, seems such a waste of the talent James exhibited in that one. I liked this story. I cried, laughed and was on pins and needles for the ending. This story had me on page one! Intrigue, spying, past tragedies, secrets, rejection, blackmail, false imprisonment , and possible adultery, and so much more!

Eleanor and Cristo have alot to overcome. Enjoyed reading this book as it was very entertaining. I believe the author has been around for a while but this was a new one for me. Bought other books in the series also, which I liked just as much. See all 18 reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published on August 1, Published on June 13, Published on March 25, Published on December 11, After a wild illicit night of hot sex, he bundles her up and sends her on her way. Cut to five years later, We see Eleanor is married to a much older man who is gravelly ill. She has been living a peaceful and it seems, a celibate life with her husband.

There is affection between them, but no love. So what was she doing in Paris anyway, and how did she wind up In Cristo's bed? Cristo is wondering that same thing. He arrives back in England, he is finished with his life in Paris and his work with the Foreign Office. He is carrying around a lot of baggage, with regards to his emotions and family ties. He is shocked when he sees the woman from that magical sex fueled night in Paris. Eleanor is shocked as well, she faints dead at his feet. Yes, there is the standard cliches, the daughter that is not her elderly husband's, but the spitting image of the beautiful, blond Cristo.

Blackmail, intrigue, and the connection with Eleanor's brother, which is tied to Cristo's exile. The couple themselves, do smoulder. But some of the subplots were a little hard to swallow. But Sophia James is such a lush, capable and intelligent writer, it overcomes some of the lapses in narrative. Neither character is perfect, at times Cristo seems petulant and spoiled, and Eleanor stubborn and prideful. But all in all, a very satisfying read. Just enough deep emotion for me to enjoy.

Mar 24, Jen rated it really liked it Shelves: Jan 27, Jasey rated it really liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Eleanor is looking for Cristo Wellingham to give him a letter from her grandfather. She is mistaken for a whore as she has had a couple of drinks while waiting for him and she is brought as a gift to him in paris. Later when he returns to London high society she is attracted to him and he to her.

One Illicit Night

She has remarried a much older Duke who took care of her in Paris when she got sick after having and losing one of Cristo's twins. Aug 04, Esra rated it really liked it Shelves: Definately not as good as book 2 but still enjoyable. I would have enjoyed a bit more explanation and details in the beginning of the book. It felt like the author didn't have as much care in writing this book as she did book 2. Oct 07, M rated it really liked it. Really enjoyable historical romance. Apr 11, Mnms rated it did not like it.

I didn't particularly like this story, I suspect that it is technically well written, but for some reason, it didn't appeal to me. C- Watching a dam break in the circle of flesh, tipping into utter need, his grip tightening in her hair as an anchor, no breath or ease or quiet exploration.

Only five years of apartness and ten thousand hours of regret. Third son Cristo Wellingham is the black sheep of the family, finally returning to England after a lengthy, mysterious absence. Eleanor Westbury is the young countess of a much older earl. Five years before the main action, a disguised-as Grade: Five years before the main action, a disguised-as-a-prostitute Eleanor attempts to deliver an all-important letter to a disguised-as-a-degenerate-but-really-a-spy Christo in the Chateau of Ill Repute where he lives, but she wakes up drugged and naked in his bed.

He fled England because of some youthful wildness, and when he returns, he has to earn the trust of his estranged family. She view spoiler [winds up pregnant from their one-night stand and is desperate to protect their daughter and her dying husband from scandal hide spoiler ]. This story has some serious pacing problems, with a Total Drama Moment happening much too early and resolving much too quickly.

This is the third of four books in this series and a new author for me. A couple of things stand out about the writing. The heroines are the most experienced, brazen virgins known, the heroes have so little control that they practically rape the heroines the first time, and the stories are burdened with too much melodrama. In addition, I find the writing to start, stop, jerk and jump so much that it is difficult at times to keep track of what is going on. That said, the heroes are totally likabl This is the third of four books in this series and a new author for me.

That said, the heroes are totally likable and Cristo is no exception.

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The heroines are also likable and have strong character. Eleanor was honorable and strong because the writer said so but not as interesting as the previous two heroines. On to the final story about the sister May 28, Regina rated it really liked it. This easily could have been just a mediocre love story, but I felt it pulled away slightly from the average bunch due to its unusual twists to a standard plot and a very likable main couple.

Cristo and Eleanor had depth; they suffered and persevered through difficult choices and became stronger and wiser individuals for it while still maintaining a level of vulnerability.

One Illicit Night (Wellingham Brothers, book 3) by Sophia James

There was passion here, more in keeping with Harlequin historical; you know, more tender rather than hard core. The fact that This easily could have been just a mediocre love story, but I felt it pulled away slightly from the average bunch due to its unusual twists to a standard plot and a very likable main couple.

The fact that I like my romances on the hot and spicy side is the only reason why One Illicit Night gets a slightly lower rating. Third book in an incredible series. Mistaken identity leads to an incredible night of wild passion but in it's wake leaves remorse and misunderstandings. With unbound complications happiness is at stake for these two drifting souls and maybe their one night of illicit passion is all they will ever have. Sophia James is an incredible story teller who brings you into the world she is writing about allowing you to feel her character's emotions and see their story's unra Beautiful.

Sophia James is an incredible story teller who brings you into the world she is writing about allowing you to feel her character's emotions and see their story's unraveling before your eyes. Jan 20, Kirsti rated it it was ok Shelves: Ha, I read the second book first and then moved on to this one.

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That was a mistake! This book was so utterly full of romance cliches that they were by the end they were falling over each other to be brought to light. The plot was so full of holes that I fell in. I even laughed aloud a few times from the pure absurdity of this book. I suppose if I ever find the first and fourth book I might pick them up, and see what brings the other characters together, but maybe not. Feb 19, Nicola Sheridan rated it really liked it Shelves: It was enjoyable to listen to this as an audio book on my long drives about town and I'm so glad the heroine and hero got their happily ever after.

Although there were a few things that seemed overly convenient eg the end of Martin it didn't really detract from my enjoyment of the tale. I liked Eleanor's reaction to Christo it was a pleasant change from the insipid reactions of many a historical heroine. All up if you like your history with a dash of spice.

Then this is a must read. Jul 13, Tonileg rated it it was ok Shelves: I wonder if human sexual trafficking is as common as romance novels would let the reader believe? I also don't think that brandy would give the symptoms that are described in the beginning of the book. After a suspension of reality, I did enjoy this story and the writing flowed and I got caught up in the POV of the Hero and heroine. I like the two POV in the same event which was a great method to explain their characters. Aug 24, Julia rated it liked it Shelves: