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The show opened on 31 December at the New Lindsey. No West End shows were opening on that evening, and consequently, as Swann put it, "quite a number of critics turned up on spec. Swann, bent over his piano like a small mad scientist agog over some wild experiment, ideally complements the bearded suavity of Mr. Flanders, who exudes from his wheelchair the robust authority of him who came to dinner.

At the drop of a hat

The two-man show was performed with Flanders in a wheelchair as a result of polio contracted in and Swann at a grand piano on an otherwise empty stage. A second revue called At the Drop of Another Hat was produced in Each performance ended with the "Hippopotamus" song, in which the audience was encouraged to join in, followed, in Britain, by a musical rendition of the Lord Chamberlain's regulations. Most of the numbers were performed as duets. Solos are noted in the table below. The numbers for the original performances were:. The Donald Swann Website [14].

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During the run of At the Drop of a Hat , the writers added new songs and dropped others. The first PMC , in mono, consisted of recordings made at the show's 50th performance at the Fortune Theatre on 21 February and another show on 25 February. The numbers on the LP are. Both work and home demand lots of your time but what you really want is a few hours just to yourself. Here's an expression for that moment. Feifei and Harry use an expression for people and ideas that change the way we do things.

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Neil and Feifei talk about a common colloquial expression for when things are intense. To play this audio you need to enable JavaScript. So Feifei, have you got any holiday plans?

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  6. Feifei Yes, I have actually. At the drop of a hat? Let's hear some more examples.

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    My wife's expecting a baby so I might have to rush to the hospital at the drop of a hat. Feifei Well, I'm going skiing in France first. Feifei So you don't fancy coming with me then? This could be the one for you. Learn some cyber vocabulary. Cat got your tongue? Here's a phrase that tells them what to do.

    at the drop of a hat

    You're pulling my leg! Here is a phrase to describe the situation. Here's an honest phrase to use. This is a phrase for you!

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    That'll put hairs on your chest! This expression might describe you. Leave a Comment Cancel reply.

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    Leave this field empty. Dustin was always ready to go fishing at the drop of a hat. If you need help, just call on Mike. He can come at the drop of a hat.