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She is my real mum.

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She isn't my birth mum but she is my real mum. That is my truth and the magical essence of adoption.

Adoption has changed so much since I was a baby and the Beatles had their first hit. I hope - no, scrub that - I know that, some amazing parents to be will see the magic, and then to some beautiful little person they will one day be 'my mummy and daddy'.

Blue-eyed Son: The Story of an Adoption - Nicky Campbell - Google Книги

Get in touch with the organisations that can help with adoption. Find help and support if you've been affected by issues on the show.

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  • Blue-Eyed Son: The Story of an Adoption - Nicky Campbell - Google Книги?
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  • Blue-Eyed Son: The Story of an Adoption!

What the hell would I say? What the hell do you say? This woman gave birth to me. I needed an epidural.

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I had a mental picture of a beautiful but driven career woman — a free spirit who found herself in this impossible situation and made an extraordinary sacrifice. She gave her baby away. Her baby was about to catch up with her.

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I was about to clothe this idealised wraith in humanity. At 29 I was about to make the first connection with my own flesh and blood, someone to whom I was genetically connected.

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That word — genetic — it had an almost sacred meaning for me. An inexpressible essence of belonging and being.

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Soft, Irish, hesitant and wary. Nicky rarely thought of his birth parents, until a combination of an imploding marriage and a chance meeting with a private dectective led him to track down his birth mother. Nicky Campbell brilliantly recalls their reunion and tentative steps towards a relationship, evoking all the complex and deep-seated emotions that being reunited elicited in each of them.

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  2. Blue-Eyed Son - Nicky Campbell - Google Книги;
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  4. But it soon became clear that there was more to Nicky's background than he expected. In this emotionally gripping and refreshingly honest memoir, Nicky Campbell describes the many sides of a family's dark history, and how it feels to find out where you come from.