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Documentary uncovering the discrimination against people with albinism in East Africa. Katya Adler asks whether the EU can survive the biggest challenge in its history. Following the trial of a white police officer accused of shooting an unarmed black man. The life of a group of frat boys as they embark on the pledging process. A look inside the world of Romania's super-rich Gypsy popstars. Reggie Yates investigates the reality behind the super-rich's appetite for luxury goods. Robert Peston reveals how the economic slowdown is affecting China and the world.

A committee debates a hypothetical 'hot war' in eastern Europe. One-off documentary looking at the attack on satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. Prof Hans Rosling examines the number one goal for the world: A look at the conspiracy theories about the death of Osama Bin Laden. The inside story of how and why the worst Ebola outbreak in history wasn't stopped. Peter Taylor looks at the wealth of the so-called Islamic State.

Christians are fleeing persecution across the Middle East. A look at how the sophisticated recruiting tactics of IS have shattered so many lives. A look at the continuing success of the Sinaloa Cartel in the wake of its leader's arrest. Investigative documentary following three families involved in the Sandy Hook shooting. This World reveals evidence that challenges the accepted story of the Rwandan genocide. Following attempts to reform Maine State Prison's use of solitary confinement. Martin Sixsmith hears the stories of those involved in a transatlantic adoption trade.

Documentary about survivors of the collapse of the Rana Plaza in Bangladesh. Ade Adepitan explores the afterlife of some of the clothes we donate to charity shops.

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The lives of the staff and guests at one of Latin America's most iconic hotels. Robert Peston investigates how economic giant China could actually be in trouble. Simon Reeve heads to Vietnam to uncover the stories behind the morning pick-me-up. Until recently, they were set to be released and reunited with their family members whom they have not seen since that day they went missing and the process of coming to terms with what has happened to them.

They have deeply disturbing stories of their treatment and their troubles have not ended on their escape from the forest - as they are often treated with suspicion due to their connection with Boko Haram. Every 30 seconds, war, civil or international, costs two people their lives. Many of these wars receive very little attention from the world's media. Some have been fought for years, and there seems little hope of a peaceful solution. Filmmakers follow 16 people in a single day to reveal the human stories behind the conflicts. Military conscription, a first hunting trip and a circumcision - the symbolic transformation from childhood to adulthood.

From the edge of the Arctic Circle and the closeted world of the Japanese geisha, to the Russian forest and the training grounds of the world's largest army, these poignant chronicles of adolescence disclose the universal themes that unite - and divide - us all.

From the streets of Phnom Penh to the nightclubs of Rio de Janeiro, a day in the lives of six very different people from around the world, with one thing in common - they are all HIV -positive. On World Aids Day, their inspirational stories provide an insight into life with one of the most feared viruses on Earth. Despite the popular Western perception of slavery as a shameful historic abomination, the slave trade is still big business, with an estimated 8.

Rageh Omaar takes a remarkable journey across three continents to expose the truth about contemporary slavery and discover why it is still in existence. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Titles from BBC World News may refer either to original title or occasionally the title given on its website.

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Easy-riders or Criminal Gang? God-man or con man? Foreigners in their own land?

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The Death Metal Murders. Europe's Most Dangerous Man? China's death row interviews series faces axe". Retrieved 14 March Retrieved 23 September Retrieved 4 November What Happened to Hope? Retrieved 12 December Retrieved 6 March Retrieved 10 March Did My Son Die in Vain? Retrieved 21 April Retrieved 19 April The Massacre That Changed a Nation".

Exploring the mafia's underground world". Retrieved 1 May Retrieved 30 April Retrieved 13 August Retrieved 31 August Cursed by its natural wealth".

Retrieved 9 October Retrieved 8 October Retrieved 24 October Retrieved 23 October How much do you know about the world? Retrieved 7 November Retrieved 6 November Retrieved 11 January Retrieved 25 January Retrieved 17 February Retrieved 11 February Secrets of Mexico's Drug War". France with Robert Peston". Retrieved 8 April Retrieved 15 April World's Richest Terror Army". Retrieved 22 April The Truth About Ebola". The tree thought to be the source of outbreak".

Retrieved 1 June Retrieved 17 June How to End Poverty in 15 Years".

The Charlie Hebdo Attacks". Inside the War Room". The New Gypsy Kings". The Battle for Europe". Retrieved 16 February Terror in the UK". Murder in the Family". Calais, The End of the Jungle". My ancestor's hand in history". Retrieved 31 October Britain's Promise to the Holy Land". The Promise to the Holy Land". The Mystery of the Missing Princess". Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 5 December , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Series of the current title card from BBC broadcast September - present. The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club's membership is rapidly growing in number, with new sub-factions springing up across the world, everywhere from Brazil to Liechtenstein. The rock-loving bikers have for many years been associated with violence, but many police officers now believe that the Angels have also become a sophisticated international crime organisation, with links to the wholesale trafficking of drugs.

In Canada and Scandinavia, the expansion of the gang has led to violent turf wars involving shootings, bombings and hundreds of deaths. The episode investigates on the seemingly unstoppable rise of some of the world's most dangerous men. Michael Buerk In , with Ethiopia in the grip of famine, Michael Buerk filed two shocking reports highlighting the plight of the sick and the dying. Olenka Frenkiel Crisis talks over North Korea's nuclear weapons have already begun but, away from the show-city of Pyongyang, there's evidence that the communist power is testing its chemical weapons on women, children, families of dissidents, and political prisoners.

Jim Muir investigates the death of a news photographer in a Tehran prison in June Simon Reeve Production company: Tooth Productions Sitting on top of the world's biggest patch of oil, the extended family that runs Saudi Arabia has managed to fend off the assaults of modernity and democracy since the state's foundation. Ian Curtis Production company: Paul McGann Production company: Cicada Films From the forests of Siberia to the jungles of Cambodia, army veterans from Chechnya, Afghanistan and Vietnam are taking up arms to protect the tiger.

October Films The story follows with the American Muslims which they share their own views on their country. In Focus Productions The banning of religious symbols in schools has become a talking point recently. Land reform and related violence in South Africa. The international trade in counterfeit drugs. Films of Record The episode follows a story of life and death on the Moscow property market.

Reconstruction after the Indian Ocean earthquake in Lampuuk, Aceh. InFocus Asia Around the world, approximately men are born for every women. Israeli settlers' efforts to resist the unilateral disengagement plan in the Gaza Strip. Stephen Barrett In the future stem cell transplants could offer hope to people with Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy and those who have suffered strokes. Nomad Films For more than two decades, Brazil's environmental police, the IBAMA, have struggled to contain the illegal loggers , smugglers and gangs that have ravaged the Amazon Rainforest.

Michael Lumsden Purported links between death metal , Satanism and murders in Italy. Operation Wrath of God at Munich. Pro-democracy youth movements in Azerbaijan. Clinical trials in India administered without informed consent. Proliferation of murders of women in Guatemala.

InFocus Asia After the end of hostilities in the Vietnam War, hundreds of thousands failed to return home. Israel Goldvicht and Raw TV Production Meet Mahmoud, a year-old boy who struggles to support his family by selling tea in the wards of Gaza's biggest hospital. In Iran the buying and selling of kidneys is regulated by the state, which claims to have eliminated waiting lists for people on dialysis.

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But if you don't have the money, there is no list to get on. The episode explores inside one of Iran's kidney donor clinics where the poor and desperate come to sell an organ in the hope of funding a better life. A look at the clash of religious and secular values in Turkey through the prism of Istanbul's fashion industry.

On one side, a young, Porsche-driving, yacht-owning manufacturer of racy lingerie. On the other, the owner of an Islamic fashion house where business is on the up.

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Also featuring Turkey's answer to Caprice and a bevy of Brazilian lingerie models. Jason Issacs A revelatory story exploring the life of a schoolgirl caught up in Bolivia's drug smuggling trade. John Sweeney In Russia, hundreds of people have been killed and thousands poisoned after drinking alcohol spiked with a mysterious deadly chemical. Colin Tierney Since the Roman Catholic Church reduced the number of miracles required for sainthood from four to two, new saints have been canonised.

Olenka Frenkiel Reporter Olenka Frenkiel investigate with the reports that the American, British and other European governments are colluding in a system referred to as "extraordinary rendition". A year after the Iranian-backed militants claimed victory in a bloody day conflict with Israel, some claim Hezbollah are back - and more powerful than ever. Guided by a wisecracking former Shia militiaman named Dawoud, the story journeys to Beirut's darkly vibrant underbelly.

Steven Mackintosh Production company: Fury Films Production The world's longest manhunt came to a successful conclusion in April with the arrest of Bernardo Provenzano , the year-old boss of the Sicilian Mafia , in a run-down farmhouse near the Sicilian town of Corleone. Ruhi Hamid Production company: Films of Record Some western countries, proud of their multiculturalism, have considered allowing Muslim communities to have their own courts - like Jews and Christians.

Gary Bakewell This summer, a farmer in southern India found a two-day-old baby girl who'd been buried alive. With two million people expected to lose their homes in the US this year after being sold loans that they would never be able to pay, Emeka Onono travels to Cleveland, Ohio, to investigate the human cost of the worst banking crisis since the Great Depression.

His story reveals how the predatory sale of "ninjas" - loans offered to those with "no income, no job and no assets" - at first brought rewards for those concerned, but eventually led to the global credit crunch that was felt in Britain during the bank run on Northern Rock. Andrew Harding Production company: InFocus Asia In September, the tipping point for political change appeared to have arrived in Burma , as civilians, students and bloggers joined demonstrations by Buddhist monks across the country.

John Sweeney John Sweeney meets Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, who's been able to get away with anti-US statements, it's claimed, simply because his country owns huge resources of oil. Compelling story chronicling the friendship of four Iraqi classmates in Baghdad of Kurdish, Christian, Shia and mixed Sunni-Shia backgrounds. In a city torn apart by sectarian violence, the boys film their own experiences during one academic year, capturing how the dangers that exist all around them affect their studies, normal teenage distractions - such as texting girlfriends, playing computer games and reciting rap songs - and the crucial decisions on whether to stay in the city or leave, which will ultimately impact on all their futures.

Ian Curtis The episode follows with Laleh Seddigh from Tehran who became a national motor sports champion after racing against male drivers. Vivien White Death by lethal injection was devised to be a humane method of execution, but can result in a prolonged and painful end if not administered correctly. Mark Strong Production company: Duncan Bannatyne Production company: Hardcash Productions Duncan Bannatyne heads to Africa to investigate with the increasing numbers of young people are taking up the habit.

John Simm Production company: Tom Mangold The story follows behind the international operation that brought Russian businessman Viktor Bout to justice. As America's national debt breaks the ten trillion dollar mark, David Walker argues that the US economy is close to imploding, particularly if president-elect Barack Obama has, as many predict, to spend his way out of the impending recession. Saira Khan Production company: Olenka Frenkiel The episode follow the stories of North Koreans who are risking everything from torture to execution to escape their homeland.

Jack Fortune Production company: Ronachan Films On 20 June this year in Tehran, eight days after Iran's disputed election, a young Iranian woman was shot in the street. John Sweeney Production company: BBC Northern Ireland John Sweeney travels more than 5, miles through the old Soviet Union, from Joseph Stalin's birthplace in Georgia to a former labour camp in Russia, to investigate whether the dictator's reputation is being rehabilitated despite the fact he was one of the 20th century's most notorious mass murderers.

Andrew Neil Production company: Renegade Productions An examination of the so-called Tea Party, a right-wing political movement; as the US prepares to vote in mid-term elections, journalist Andrew Neil is on a whistle-stop tour to find out what is behind the movement and its causes to spread. Jane Corbin Following the life-saving work of Doctor Shershah Syed during the time of the devastating floods in Pakistan. Paul Rhys Production company: Red Rebel Films, Pieter van Huystee Films Geert Wilders , who was known as one of the most controversial of Dutch politician in the Netherlands - the story tracks from campaigning in the elections, meeting members of the anti-Islamic network who back him, and to expose a conspiracy theory promoting the belief that Islam is taking over Europe.

Andrew Sachs Production company: Ronachan Films The story follows how a crisis on a tiny island in the middle of the Mediterranean is changing the face of immigration in Europe. Mark Franchetti The story travels to Naples in Italy - where Mark Franchetti investigates on one of the bloodiest organized mafia and largest criminal syndicate - The Camorra. Fergal Keane Victim's families struggle and seek the truth about what happened to their loved ones who were killed in a bloody masacre in central Bangkok, Thailand. Katya Adler Katya Adler explores the impact of Spain's stolen baby scandal through the eyes of the children and parents who were separated at birth, and who are now desperate to find their relatives.

Sophie Okonedo Production company: October Films With the creation of South Sudan as an independent country, the story explores with the experience of three Sudanese "Lost Boys" as they return to Sudan 20 years after fleeing their homes to escape Civil War. Ronachan Films The story traces an extraordinary journey for three young activists from their dreams for a new future to the reality of the Egyptian revolution after one of the Arab world's most brutal and entrenched dictatorships, Hosni Mubarak - who was stepped down as president in Rupert Graves Production company: Quicksilver Media The story takes place at Fukushima, Japan - which unfolding the desperate hours and days after nuclear disaster as when the fate of thousands of Japanese citizens fell into the hands of a small corps of engineers, firemen and soldiers who risked their lives to prevent the Daiichi nuclear complex from complete meltdown.

Hermione Norris Production company: Darragh MacIntyre Production company: Michael Portillo Production company: OR Media Limited Michael Portillo visits Greece to Germany to explore the implications of the Euro crisis which has affected attitudes and monetary union. Gina McKee Production company: Ronachan Films, Finestripe Productions Aung San Suu Kyi - a Burmese political hero, which tells about her own extraordinary personal and political story as she turned from Oxford housewife into national leader and was later become an international icon of resistance.

Andrew Marr Andrew Marr looks back at Barack Obama 's first term in the office which has lived up to his expectations. Simon Reeve Simon Reeve heads to Cuba - where the iconic island undergoes sweeping and radical economic changes in preparation for life after Fidel Castro and a new relationship with the United States, as the story look at how economic liberalisation is taking hold of communist country. Paul Mason In Spain, Paul Mason travels to observe as the economy crisis could spreadout with another casualty by the Eurozone. True Vision As the child poverty has reached record levels with more than 16 million children affected in the United States, the stories looked at the lives of three children whose families are struggling to survive - by the express of view in the modern states of life.

Dan Snow Production company: BBC Northern Ireland Dan Snow takes a journey to Syria , which looked at the complex past of the civil war and the roots of the current crisis. John Dickie Production company: Anita Rani Production company: Professor John Marsden Clinical Psychologist and addiction expert Professor John Marsden travels to the state capital in Denver , Colorado to investigate the impact of cannabis legalization on a country that already suffering an epidemic of teenage marijuana use.

Jane Corbin Production company: Blakeway Productions The episode follows the British survivors of the January terrorist attack at Amenas gas plant in Algeria as they told their dramatic and harrowing stories. Anita Rani First part of the Population series. Anita Rani Second part of the Population series.

Professor Hans Rosling Production company: Simon Reeve In Kenya and Uganda, Simon Reeve follows the tea production process and their impacts, including meet some millions of people who "pick, pack and transport" the tea. Simon Reeve Simon Reeve embarks on a journey across Vietnam, which in just over 30 years has become the second largest coffee producer in the world and the number one source in UK.

Robert Peston Robert Peston discusses the fact that China is now the second largest economy in the world and for the last 30 years its economy has been growing at an astonishing rate. David Morrissey With the preparation for the upcoming month of the World Cup in Brazil, the episode takes place at one of the iconic and exclusive hotel - Rio de Janeiro 's Copacabana Palace , which tells the story of the workers and visitors - where it has played host to everyone from its existence.

Ade Adepitan Production company: Firecrest Films Ade Adepitan follows the trail of clothing that was donated to a charity shop and was subsequently sent to Ghana. Katy Cavanagh Production company: Quicksilver Media The story follows the events surrounding the collapse of the Rana Plaza Building in Bangladesh in , which killed 1, garment workers. Martin Sixsmith Production company: BBC Northern Ireland After the story of Philomena was shown on the film, Martin Sixsmith travels to Ireland and the United States uncovering the stories of parents and children that are involved with a transatlantic adoption trade.

Mongoose Pictures The story takes place at Maine State Prison in Warren , featuring the life of staff in order to improve the system and release some of the most dangerous prisoners back into the general population.

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  6. Michael Lumsden Production company: Jane Corbin Jane Corbin discovers the evidence that challenges the accepted story for one of the most terrifying events after twenty years from the Rwandan genocide. Hugh Bonneville Production company: True Vision The story follows at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut , where it reveals the perspective of the families of victims and survivors as they rebuild their lives after the shooting events in December Robert Peston Robert Peston investigates the rise of Marine Le Pen and the Front National in France, and the economic stagnation that threatening France's way of life which could determine by the European Union themselves.

    Shaun Dooley Production company: Jane Corbin Jane Corbin reports the evidence with various conspiracy theories about Bin Laden's death, where the story recounts how a special crack team of American special forces stormed into a compound at Abbottabad in Pakistan.

    The Open University, Wingspan Productions Swedish statistical showman Professor Hans Rosling returns on-stage, featuring with more holographic-style projection for facts and figures that shows his consideration to put an end from extreme poverty across the world. Dan Reed Production company: Amos Pictures Dan Reed uncovers the story on the unseen footage of the massacre at Charlie Hebdo magazine and of the three days of horror that followed, leaving 20 dead and a nation traumatised.

    A real war room bunker is rigged with cameras and six top military, political and diplomatic figures from around the world are sealed in it. Despite their vastly different views, they have to work together and come to decisions on each of the scenarios they are presented with in a documentary that reaches right into the heart of the most serious threat to the world.

    Robert Peston Robert Peston reports on the dramatic economic slowdown which affects China and the rest of the world. Joseph Radcliffe The story follows at the University of Central Florida which spending a term with the group of American college fraternity boys as they embark on the pledging process, when new recruits have to prove themselves before they can become a fraternity brother. A minute story follows the cases of US police officers involved in the shooting of black men. His supporters believe he is a victim of a virulent form of transgender politics that stifles freedom of speech.

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    It features interviews with Zucker, his patients, the families, the clinicians and transgender activists. Katya Adler As the UK begin its process for leaving the EU after its referendum results, Katya Adler travels across the European continent examining whether the Union can survive by facing the biggest challenge in its year history. The story then follows the filmmaker Alex Stockley Von Statzer, who travels to Russia to track down, for a rare interview, members of the Orel Butchers - uncovering a world where aggressiveness has become a sign of honour and a icon of newly resurgent Russian masculinity.

    Oscar Duke Production company: Dragonfly Film and Television The episode exploring the shameful plight of albino people in east Africa.